WiFi for Colleges & Universities

For all of your on site public facilities: Restaurants, Cafés, Hair & Beauty Salons, Theatres, Gyms, Conference and Exhibition Rooms.  Sitting alongside your corporate network visitors will be invited to connect to your Free WiFi through your Splash Page.

Working with your IT Team to ensure the free WiFi traffic is kept away from the corporate network.  Our system ensures your legal compliance and offers students, staff, customers, visitors and guests a safe and secure WiFi environment with appropriate filtering and blocking in place. 


Our solution is affordable and flexible while increasing your social media presence and building your own customer database.  ​From your log in on our portal you’ll have access to…

  • Your customisable Splash Page and Landing Page for promotions, advertising & revenue generating opportunitiesour customisable Splash Page and Landing Page

  • Customer redirects

  • Marketing tools

  • Email and SMS campaigns

  • Your customer database, including analytics & insights

Just ask@oceanwifi.co.uk if you're interested in using Ocean WiFi as an add-on to your existing WiFi, if you have any plans for expansion or if you're looking to install a new service.  Contact us

Visit Unit F Questmap Business Park, Drivers Wharf, Northam Road, Southampton, SO14 0PF


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